SGLLC definition:

Ghostwriting is defined as you having an idea that you need help writing. The work is completely yours, and will be credited to you alone. This means, you will receive the only credit as the author.

This service will be charged by session, and will go through all the steps of the writing process (Prewriting, Drafting, Revision, Editing, Rewrite, Final Draft). These sessions will be at the convenience of the author and SGLLC staff. Session will be set for either 2 or 4 hours, depending on the author and drafting of the manuscript.


Two (2) hour sessions –BRAINSTORMING


Includes:  Assisting with prewriting, and preparation for drafting; drafting


Four (4) hours sessions will—LAB WORK


Includes:  Assisting with drafting manuscript (2 hr) and editing (2 hr)


*Line-By-Line Reading

This service is specifically for editing purposes. The process involves a proof copy of your book, and an electronic copy of the corresponding manuscript. SGLLC staff will edit line by line making the desired corrections to your manuscript for resubmission. This service will be charged by session, according to the length of the book. This service will include the price of a printed proof. The minimum session is 4 hours, at $40.00, plus the price of the proof. At the completion of this service, proof and manuscript are given back to the author, after successful re submission.


*Special arrangements must be made for novels, and reconstruction of their elements.