Keep Going! This Is Why You Write…

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Writing is work! Octavia Butler said that sometimes writers would rather clean toilets than write.

She’s right.

There will be times when sitting at a computer, or pens out lusting for your hand to seduce the pages of blank paper under them–and you will think, “Why am I doing this?” Every writer I know has experienced this. It’s beyond self-doubt. It’s more dangerous than that–it’s apathy.

Apathy is a thief.

It steals all creative joy. It steals all promise that ambition and talent will bring. It lies and tells us that no one will read our novels, our poems or do our workshops. It lies to us because if apathy knows how talented you are—it would be unemployed. It would have nothing to say, nothing to offer, noting to give. It has nothing else to tell you.

In deciding to submit your work, in being a writer either indie or through an agent, you have to know two things.


Not everyone is going to like  your stuff. This is crucial.


There are people that will like your stuff.



Some of the most hurtful criticism I have heard gotten was from someone close to me whom called what I did my ‘writing crap,’ Another was when I was writing for another blog, and they changed almost everything that I wrote. Here recently, I was told that my sentences were too cluttered, and my mechanics just sucked. However, I didn’t quit. I didn’t stop writing. I didn’t find sycophants. I took the criticism, weighed it for relevance, and kept it moving.


Writing is a constant balance. A constant need to swim upstream and know you can. That is the crazy part—you can do it. In the face of opposition and evil editors and low readership to blogs or mailing lists, you can do it. The question I need to ask you is, do you want to?


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The Importance Of Editing

Editors are not the enemy.

The goal of a good editor is to be an investigator and a treasure hunter of sorts. Our job is to make your work read and sound as best as it possibly can. The way this is done by proofreading. The goal of an editor is not to rip apart work or make it their own. Editors desire the best work be shown, and any corrections are to improve the quality of that work. The ink we spill demonstrates what can be better, what can be improved on, and what is of no use to the work you submit.

It’s not a bad thing to have other people look over your work. It is not a bad thing to question your editors. Matter of fact, I encourage it! It is your work, and you should be able to have an intelligent discourse about something you have put time effort and energy into. Ultimately, it is your decision as a writer/client to accept the advice and consultation given. It cannot be forced on you.

You are the owner of your work, and you know it best. Editors only try and point you into directions which can and do only help. Editors desire the best for the writers they serve.

Don’t fear. We’re only here to help.


Jennifer P. Harris

Editor/Founder-Shekinah Glory Writing Services